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eg: Primary 6 Science
Please let us know if you are the parent/guardian of the student or if you are a student looking for a tutor
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The majority of tutors in Singapore currently prefer to conduct online lessons. Thus, if you are OK with lessons being held online, it is likely that there will be more experienced tutors who apply for your assignment.
Private Tuition Terms of Service for Parents and Students

What types of tuition teachers can I choose from?
Popular Tutors represents over 37,000 home tutors. Their teaching backgrounds include university lecturers, current and former MOE school teachers, full-time tutors, university undergraduates, polytechnic students, and part-time tutors who also teach at the leading tuition centres.

Tuition hourly rates
Hourly rates range from $30 to $120. These are set by our tutors, and the rates vary according to the tutor’s track record and academic qualifications.

How does Popular Tutors shortlist tutors?
We manually and diligently approve tutor matches. After you tell us your requirements, at least two of our tuition coordinators will carefully search for suitable and experienced tutors. Their supervisor will then approve the potential matches before we submit the profiles for your review.

If you wish to verify the tutor’s qualifications, you may request for the tutor to take their relevant certificates to the first lesson. We try not to email certificates due to privacy and security concerns.

What are the agency fees?
The commission is levied on the tutor that you hire, meaning that our matching service is free to you.

Popular Tutors’ fee on the tutor is generally 50% of the fees for the 1st month of tuition. After you have confirmed the assignment’s details such as schedule, rate, and location, we will email you an official invoice with the confirmation of the details, as well as payment information.

What if the tutor is not suitable?
This very rarely happens – but if it does, we will immediately replace the tutor for free. We will promptly make the necessary arrangements, to suit your new requirements. You are still required to make payment for all lessons conducted.

Selecting a suitable tutor
Our clients set realistic requirements. Tuition rates depend on home tutor qualifications as well as tutor availability. The more requirements you have, the harder it is to find a suitable tutor. For example, if you strictly want only female tutors, that will halve your options of the tutors who are qualified to teach your child.

Many parents prefer to have separate tutors for different subjects, as most tutors are more comfortable in effectively teaching at most 2 subjects.

Major exams
Tutors that focus on teaching students in Primary 6, Secondary 4 and JC2 often charge more. This is because tutoring students who are taking major examinations requires intense effort and specialized skills.

Tutors with good experience and qualifications are in high demand, and they will not accept tutor assignments with low fees.

Some home tutors may be willing to accept tuition assignments that offer lower rates if they are staying very near the students’ home, or if the student is willing to travel to the tutor’s home.

Benefit from Popular Tutors’ experience and network
Our tuition coordinators are very experienced and resourceful in the home tuition industry. We ensure you get a fair deal by making sure that our clients and tutors are well-informed, and that our tutors are asking for reasonable rates that suit their teaching experience, track record, and qualifications.

How do I pay for the first month’s tuition sessions?
After half of the first month’s lessons have been conducted, please transfer the tuition fees amounting to half of the first month’s fees to Popular Tutors’ bank account.

Therefore, if the fee for 4 tuition sessions a month at $50/session is $200 (4 sessons x $50 per session), please transfer $100 to our account after the second tuition session. At the end of that first month, please pay the remaining $100 directly to the tutor.

Please ensure that you notify Popular Tutors upon transferring the fees, for verification of the payment. We will then send a confirmation message to you that the funds were received.

Quality of service
Popular Tutors does not guarantee that the tuition lessons will immediately improve the student’s academic grades. Educators recognize that an improvement of grades needs several factors to be in place, and this includes willingness to learn, family encouragement, and diligence. A home tutor can take the role of subject matter role model that provides homework support, exam skills and academic advice.

As a guideline, Popular Tutors hopes that the client commits to at least one month of lessons before deciding if the tutor is able to help the academic performance of the student.

Clients are liable to pay tuition fees for all lessons conducted, regardless of how satisfactory the lessons were.

Popular Tutors holds no legal liability for problems and disputes that arise between tutors and clients. We reserve the right to terminate or deny services to any person at any time, as well as the right to amend our Terms of Service without prior notice.

We appreciate your help in providing us accurate feedback so that we can improve our service and processes.

Qualifications of tutors
Our tutors are expected to provide accurate information of their qualifications. Cheating is a serious offence, and we will report the matter to the police once we have discovered the fraud.

Privacy policy
Popular Tutors values your privacy and we treat your personal information with respect.

Popular Tutors does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with anyone except to provide products or services you have requested.

Popular Tutors will not publicly reveal any private information such as mobile number, or full addresses, to anyone except when necessary in providing the services to the persons described below:

A client is a parent or student who makes a request for a tutor with Popular Tutors.

The client will describe the approximate location, academic subject(s), frequency and duration of lessons, special needs and requirements, and other information that may be revealed to prospective tutors for the purpose of tuition matching.

A tutor is a person who registers with Popular Tutors, with the intention and ability to teach specified academic subjects, for a fee at the rate established by him/her.

During the registration process, we may ask for information that includes your name, email address, mobile number, gender, occupation, tutoring experience, qualifications, and subjects that you want to teach.

Parents that are given more description and information about your teaching abilities and track record are more likely to hire you, should your credentials be suitable for their children.

Statutory requirements
Though we make every effort to preserve users’ privacy, we will need to disclose personal information, when required by law.

Transfer of information
In the event that Popular Tutors goes through a business transition that may include a merger, an acquisition by another company, or a sale of a portion of our assets, users’ personal information may be part of the assets transferred.

Prior to such a transition, we will email our users, during which you may opt out.

​Cooperation with other tuition agencies
In the event when Popular Tutors is unable to secure a suitable tuition match, Popular Tutors will contact other tuition agencies within our network, with the objective of matching the most qualified tutor with the student.

This FAQ Page is intended to supplement and simplify our Terms of Service for our clients and home tutors and is not intended for legal reference. Some explanations may not be in full detail. For full information, please contact us.
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Hire the best Social Studies tuition Teacher In Singapore. Because You Want to Succeed.

3,100+ Committed And Experienced Social Studies Tuition Teachers For You To Choose From

We will show you between 4 to 10 tutor profiles after you have told us your requirements. They specialize in teaching only Social Studies.

You can therefore be confident of their abilities to help you score much higher marks for your next exam because parents and students had given excellent feedback and comments about these tutors.

Popular Tutors is the best Social Studies tuition agency in Singapore.

Learn from reliable, committed Social Studies tuition teachers

If you want a tutor for Sec 3 Social Studies, we will show you profiles of experienced Social Studies tutors who had taught Sec 3 Social Studies, using the latest MOE syllabus, exam formats, marking schemes, and requirements.

The dependable Social Studies tutors whose profiles we show to you are rigorously shortlisted by us. They have proven track records of helping students meet and exceed the requirements of school and national-level exams.

They will help you with your homework, assignments and projects, revision, and exam preparation.

Careful and effective matching of experienced social Studies tuition teachers

Popular Tutors has always been able to be effective in matching reliable and experienced Social Studies tuition teachers because we have a trained tuition coordinator who majored in a Humanities subject at university-level, in our tutor matching team.

Our tutor interviewers are graduates from the 3 major local universities and had attended the best junior colleges and secondary schools.

The joint-heads of our tutor matching team had worked at MOE schools.

fast, reliable matching of dependable Social Studies tuition teachers

On average, within 24 hours, we are able to show you between 3 to 8 profiles of the most competent and experienced Social Studies tutors whose qualifications match your tuition requirements and budget.

learn Social Studies the easy - and correct - way

Each of our tutors had scored an A – at their own PSLE/GCE O Levels/GCE A Levels/University exams – in the subjects that they teach.

The quality of our experienced Social Studies tutors gives students a strong edge over their peers, firmly establishing Popular Tutors as the most reliable private tuition agency in Singapore.

We have Singapore’s largest team of over 3,100+ experienced Social Studies tuition teachers. They are able to help you score higher grades.

qualified experienced Social Studies tuition teachers

Our experienced Social Studies tutors are university undergraduates or have graduated from the top local and overseas universities.

importance of hiring qualified experienced Social Studies tuition teachers

Choosing truly qualified and experienced Social Studies tutors is important – to ensure that the information that they teach you is correct.

If the Social Studies tutors themselves did not manage to score an A for Social Studies, would they be able to teach you any proven ways to achieve an A?

trust only competent and experienced Social Studies Tuition teachers with proven track records

Some tutors quote the same or lower rates even though they scored only a B in the subject that they teach you.

If they can’t score an A themselves, will they be able to guide you properly?

safely hire dependable Social Studies tutors

It is not worth taking a risk to learn the wrong information from irresponsible tutors, and then find that you need to spend the next few weeks or months having to “un-learn” the wrong information.

different MOE schools teach Social Studies differently

The breadth and depth to which content is taught is known to vary across different schools, as teachers in each school are expected to tailor their lessons according to the learning needs and skills gaps of the students that they teach.

experienced Social Studies tuition teachers use the latest mOE syllabus and proven teaching methods

The MOE establishes the learning outcomes that it expects from the syllabus that it recommends.

The latest MOE syllabus and exams requires students to solve real-life and complex theoretical problems, rather than allowing students to simply recall information, or look up someone else’s answer to the question.

every school teacher is expected to teach the same content differently

With the emphasis on nurturing students who can think and apply their knowledge, every teacher needs to teach according to the learning capacity of the students in the classes they are allocated to.

This can also mean that teachers within the same school and from other schools are likely to teach according to what they themselves think are necessarily related to the syllabus and the national exams.

exam risk

Some parents and students might view this as a risk, and that they will end up “spotting” the wrong topics – or worse, be underprepared for important exams.

many students receive nasty shocks when they take exams

Every year, hundreds of students complain about how difficult it is to score well in Social Studies, and how they sometimes find it hard to catch up with what is taught in class.

And it is a fact that students will be tested on Social Studies material they have not been taught before.

reduce the risk that you are under-prepared for exams

Your experienced Social Studies tutor will show you how to extract information from your syllabus so that you can apply them in a logical, reasoned or deductive manner, even in unfamiliar situations.

This means that even if your Social Studies teacher in school has not taught the answers to the exams, that your experienced Social Studies tutor will have taught you the skills to calmly think through the (horrifying and unexpected) question, and arrive at the correct answer.

expert and experienced Social Studies tutors

Our reliable Social Studies tutors would have themselves scored an A, and the students that they had tutored in Social Studies have achieved grade improvements after they started teaching them.

answer difficult Social Studies questions correctly

Good experienced Social Studies tutors will be able to deconstruct complex content, uncover hidden meanings in the Social Studies curriculum, and teach you strategic ways to answer exam questions – helping you to get that A.

It is easy.

And we want to help you succeed.

you can be confident, even when other students panic

These unexpectedly difficult questions can range from 20% to over 50% of all the exam questions during the mid-term, final term and the important national exams.

You yourself might have been stunned by the type of questions that are on your exam sheets – you had never learnt this material before in school!

Want to safely score better grades in Social Studies? Hire experienced Social Studies tutors from Popular Tutors now.

hire the best, most qualified and experienced Social Studies tuition teachers

We know that you want to hire qualified and experienced Social Studies tutors. Popular Tutors is able to provide you the very best Social Studies tuition teachers available in Singapore.

how we identify committed and experienced Social Studies tutors

We thoroughly interview the experienced Social Studies tutors in our team, for their track records.

We ensure that they are able to meet your requirements, before we show you their profiles.

Popular Tutors knows what to look out for, and our staff who majored in Humanities has the expertise to discern if the tutors have the aptitude, qualifications and ability to teach your child, when we conduct our interviews to shortlist experienced Social Studies tutors for you.

improve your Social Studies - starting today

Hire reliable and experienced Social Studies tutors.

We have experienced Social Studies tutors that are committed to give high quality tuition to students.

And they have Singapore’s best track record of successful grade improvements.

learn Social Studies, faster

Is there a shortcut to getting better grades?

Yes, by hiring committed and experienced Social Studies tutors who had scored an A for Social Studies.

These experienced Social Studies tutors know what you need to do in order to do well in Social Studies.

Ready to start loving Social Studies?

The right experienced Social Studies tutor makes Social Studies easy, regardless of your current grade, general knowledge and Social Studies skills.

Here’s to a very successful academic year!

This can be your year to shine in Social Studies.

social studies

The importance of Social Studies

The theme of “Being Rooted and Living Global” runs through the entire Social Studies syllabus.

Social Studies is the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities – to promote civic competence.

In many countries – Singapore included – the Social Studies content that is taught in schools provides coordinated and systematic knowledge. Globally, Social Studies draws upon disciplines that include anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, history, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, and sociology, as well as appropriate content from the humanities, mathematics, and natural sciences.

Main goals of the social studies curriculum

The primary purpose of Social Studies is to help young people develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.

The Upper Secondary Social Studies syllabus in Singapore adopts a thematic approach for the discussion of issues that nations are concerned with.

These issues are presented in the six themes. They are:

  • Singapore as a Nation in the World
  • Understanding Governance
  • Conflict and Harmony in Multi-ethnic Societies
  • Managing International Relations
  • Sustaining Economic Development
  • Facing Challenges and Change

Social Studies – at primary and secondary school levels – helps students to understand the interconnectedness of Singapore and the world they live in, and to appreciate the complexities of the human experience.

Students explore the complex tensions that characterise issues happening around the world and in Singapore.

Their learning starts at primary level and is explored in greater breadth and depth at the secondary level.

Upper secondary social studies curriculum

Upper Secondary Social Studies focuses on the explicit teaching of thinking skills to assess and manage real-life information in meaningful ways.

It also aims to build a deep sense of rootedness to the nation. The subject is cross-disciplinary and combines Geography, History, Sociology, Political Science and Economics.

Needed in your essays: argumentative writing skills

One of the benefits of studying Social Studies at secondary school level is that it helps you with your argumentative writing. This skill is essential when you take General Paper in junior college, or when you write papers at polytechnic and university levels.

The Social Studies’ curriculum also encourages you to be analytical about sources, and the importance of identifying the biasness of the writer(s).

Source-based questions

Source-based questions help us develop our critical thinking skills and help us connect different fields of knowledge.

This will give us an advantage when competing against many other people who have the same degree and attending the same important job interviews.

Benefits of mastering social studies knowledge

People who have “soft skills” like communication, negotiation, listening, writing – and a number of other skills related to the humanities, social studies and the Arts – will get promoted more quickly than those who do not.

Many STEM programmes at university are now moving towards STEAM (STEM plus the Arts).

Understand the world

Social Studies help us understand the current issues that the world, Singapore and Singaporeans are facing. It helps us understand both sides of the story, and makes us more intellectually mature.

Social Studies helps us master relevant factual knowledge; select, organize and apply the concepts; and make judgements, recommendations and decisions.

You will also be taught how to draw inferences from given information, evaluate and analyze evidence, distinguish between fact, opinion and judgement, as well as compare and contrast different views.

Even though some concepts are initially difficult to grasp, the reward in terms of obtaining good grades and a subsequent high-paying career can make all the effort worth it.

Learning social studies

Learning Social Studies is like any new skill. There is a learning curve, and the skill needs to be practiced and reinforced, in order for it to be effective.

Those of us who are born as right-brain thinkers tend to be better at creative, imaginative, passionate activities.

Then there are those of us who are left-brain thinkers, and we are naturally adept at working with numbers, applying logical reasoning, and analytically solving problems.

Regardless of which category you fall into, the truth is that anyone can learn the basic principles of Social Studies and score well in your exams.

Do you find it difficult to score good marks in Social Studies?

Does it often happen that you don’t get good marks in Social Studies even after putting in your best preparation efforts?

There is no need to be distressed because you are not alone. There are many students who find that Social Studies is difficult.

Hire experienced social studies tutors today, to help your grades improve

We have Singapore’s largest team of over 3,100 experienced Social Studies tutors at Secondary School level.

Finding the ideal experienced Social Studies tutors does not have to be stressful, or randomly left to chance.

Our tutors will make this seemingly abstract subject much easier to grasp and understand.

Social studies is fun, when taught by fun and experienced social studies tutors

Sure, studying Social Studies can be a challenge at times. The events and analysis can be difficult. And just like any other subject, you need to study hard to do well.

But Social Studies can be an incredibly fun subject when you give it a chance.

The world today provides a big platform for students who understand the impacts of the latest global economic and political developments.

A promising career that uses the knowledge we gain from social studies

Most of the careers that exist today didn’t exist 10 or 15 years ago. This means our students are preparing for a world that we cannot even imagine. 

For anyone with creativity, intelligence, and persistence, Social Studies will never fail to provide new and exciting challenges – and lots of fun!

In the following list of possible careers, a Social Science major provides a strong foundation and may offer an edge over other individuals who lack a background in the Social Sciences:

Given the wide range of topics covered in the discipline and the breadth of the knowledge and skills that Social Science majors learn, there are many possible career options for them to pursue.

Possible options include:

Aging Studies



Management Consultant

Market Research Analyst

Political Scientist

Practical uses of the social sciences

“When am I ever going to use this?”

Even if you have no plans to specialize in the Social Sciences at university or polytechnic level, there are practical uses of general knowledge and analytical skills in our daily lives.

Today, students have a wide variety of information options — including television, radio, the Internet, and print sources such as newspapers and magazines.

When we know how to identify credible information sources, we will better understand and make informed decisions about civic issues like healthcare, crime, foreign policy and history that affect us and our families.

This knowledge enables the students to understand how the world and different societies have evolved, the important events that have occurred in the past, enduring ideas and eminent personalities that have created an impact and affected the lives of people both locally and globally.

It also helps students to understand how different societies are structured, managed and governed. This in turn helps students to understand their place in the world.

Social Studies is more than a part of the school curriculum.

It prepares students as the citizens of tomorrow by introducing them to the Constitution, society, culture, politics and economics of Singapore, as well as the matters around the world.

Besides that, the subject helps them to get relevant knowledge and understanding to deal with the real-world issues that concern their lives.

Social Studies encourages students to engage in policy issues instead of just relying on the government to achieve desired outcomes.

In this digital age of widespread both real and fake news, the skills they learn in Social Studies enable them to discern the credibility of the information they receive.

The thinking skills are highly relevant in a workplace and will help them to tackle challenges posed by an uncertain future. 

To do well in Social Studies requires jumping in with both feet.

Having one foot in and one foot out doesn’t work.

At the beginning of the semester, regardless of your personal interests or dislikes, decide that you’re going to give Social Studies your best effort.

Do this and you’ll do well in your Social Studies exams.

We know that you want to hire only the best Social Studies tutors, and we are here to provide you only the best.

We wish you all the best in your journey of learning and personal growth.

Other interesting career options in the social sciences

Some uncommon career options include:

Economists – Economists gather and interpret economic data. Economists work heavily with numerical data, financial statements, and fiscal reports. Economists work at banks and financial institutions, multinational companies, insurance firms, brokerage houses and government agencies

Social Worker – Social workers provide social welfare services to improve the lives of others

International Affairs Specialist – They include foreign service officers, intelligence analysts, political risk analysts and might work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations, the World Bank, or the International Monetary Fund

Public Administration Officer – They manage a wide range of government organizations or non-profit organizations and statutory boards.  They can be policy researchers, management analysts or human resource specialists

Human Resource Specialists – They analyze job roles and assess the suitability of candidates for jobs. Interviewing skills learned by sociology majors are essential for this evaluation

Lawyers – Lawyers use critical thinking and analytical skills to research and litigate their cases. Legal practice areas include family law, corporate law, constitutional law and transnational law. Lawyers draw on research and writing skills to carry out their work. They must gather facts and evidence to support a thesis just as Social Science majors do with their position papers. Lawyers must present their findings in a compelling manner in order to convince a judge, jury or opposing attorney of their position. This is similar to presentations in your Social Studies classes

Market Research Analysts – Market research analysts test products and services, and they evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to consumers based on gender, age, home address and disposable income. Market researchers employ statistical methods mastered by sociology majors to analyze data.

Some people use the reasoning that they are “not good at analysis” to explain their reluctance to study Social Studies. But the analysis that is actually involved is rather basic.

It’s clear that jobs for Social Studies majors are abundantly available across a wide range of industries.

In addition, the more a Social Studies major can link their theoretical studies to real-world applications, the better they will be able to apply such knowledge once they start work.

The more able you are to synthesize your Social Studies knowledge into real-world problem solving, the better.

As you can see, there’s no limit to what you can do with a Social Science degree.

Only your effort and imagination will determine how far you take it!

Are you ready to take the first step toward a rewarding and satisfying career?

Primary 1 - 3
$30 - $60/hr

University Undergraduate ($30-$40)

Full/Part-Time Private Tutor ($30-$45)

MOE Teacher ($40-$60)

Primary 4 - 6
$30 - $65/hr

University Undergraduate ($30-$45)

Full/Part-Time Private Tutor ($30-$50)

MOE Teacher ($45-$65)

Secondary 1 - 2
$35 - $85/Hr

University Undergraduate ($35-$45)

Full/Part-Time Private Tutor ($45-$55)

MOE Teacher ($60-$80)

Secondary 3 - 5
$40 - $90/Hr

University Undergraduate ($40-$60)

Full/Part-Time Private Tutor ($40-$60)

MOE Teacher ($65-$90)

Junior College
$50 - $120/Hr

University Undergraduate ($50-$60)

Full/Part-Time Private Tutor ($60-$80)

MOE Teacher ($90-$120)

$60 - $120/Hr

University Undergraduate ($60-$70)

Full/Part-Time Private Tutor ($80-$120)

Hire The correct tutor to help your grades improve

Popular Tutors offers an extensive range of responsible tutors, so do free to select from the choices that best suit your needs


As long as money makes it go around, the world will need its accountants.

Accounting is the language of business. It is an important analysis tool that provides management with financial information that can be used to lead a business, plan ahead and to make contingency plans.

It provides the most vital information we need to understand how our business grows, makes money, where the profit of a business goes, and what our cash flow is.

If we do not understand the basic principles of Accounting, we cannot run a business, nor can we even hope to help a business grow and profit.


Known as the Natural Science, Biology involves the study of life and living organisms at the molecular and cellular levels.

This includes their chemical and physical structures, functions, development, evolution and interaction with the natural environment.

Students learn about Biology from the time they are in primary school, where Biology is taught as a general science. 

Biology is then progressively taught in secondary school, with all its branches like genetics, anatomy, zoology and botany.

Biology majors learn to be precise, systematic, and detail oriented as they carry out their research and laboratory projects.

The skills that Biology majors acquire can be applied to both scientific and non-scientific jobs after graduation.

Even though some Biological concepts are initially difficult to grasp, the reward in terms of obtaining good grades and a subsequent high-paying career can make all the effort worth it.


We all do Chemistry every day!

Chemistry affects the food that we eat, the water we drink, the clothes we wear, the air and the medicine/vitamins that we take.

Chemistry explains how soap and shampoo keep us clean, why an egg changes when we fry or boil it, why an autumn leaf turns red and why perfumes smell the way they do.

Chemistry is known as the Central Science.

It bridges other natural sciences like Physics and Mathematics, Biology and Medicine, and the Earth and Geology/Environmental Sciences.

Chemistry is the study of the structure and properties of matter and substances – and the reactions that change them into other substances.

The behavior of atoms, molecules, and ions determines the sort of world we live in, our shapes and sizes, and even how we feel on a given day.

And really, everything (including us) is made out of atoms and chemical compounds.

Even though some Chemistry concepts are initially difficult to grasp, the reward in terms of obtaining good grades and a subsequent high-paying career can make all the effort worth it.


Scientific trials have found that people who speak more than one language use their brain in different ways.

This can lead to an increase of creative ideas, as the brain is being pushed in different ways than it is otherwise used to.

Currently, many different memory loss recovery techniques are based around visualizations and information simulations that try to access the use of different parts of the brain, as these initiatives seem to be able to help the brain re-ignite itself.

And, studies have shown that Mandarin speakers do use both sides of their brains!


If you’re the analytical type, fascinated by the world around you, then an Economics major might be a good choice for you.

A degree in Economics can be used in many areas, including public policy and finance.

You can use an Economics degree to study industry trends, labor markets, the prospects for individual companies, and the forces that drive the economy.


It turns out that even the digital economy needs people who are good with words.

Without a sufficient understanding of words, students cannot communicate effectively with others, and cannot adequately express their own ideas.


Every year, just as there are hundreds of students who score As for General Paper at the A Levels, there are also many students who find GP to be difficult.

Papers 1 and 2 are challenging, but it is definitely possible to score distinctions and attain a good pass.

A well-written General Paper essay is imbued with a wide variety of exemplifications that are written by someone who is well-read and is capable of insightful and reflective persuasive writing.

You also need to read, comprehend, infer, summarize and paraphrase sentences from essays written by intellectuals, journalists, scientists, politicians, philosophers and leaders in their respective fields.

Some of what they write may or may not agree with your own value systems. Or, their concepts are totally new (and foreign) to you.

Many students have difficulty with the Application Question at the end of the Comprehension section, because students have to relate the main ideas of the passage to the Singaporean context.

And you have to convincingly argue in your analysis if the thoughts and opinions of the author are relevant, applicable and valid when seen from a local perspective.

One of the ways to excel in General Paper is to have a strong understanding of how our world works.

We need to be familiar with the major disparate issues that affects us all – society, economics, politics, business, history, the arts, the environment and their interrelationships.

General Paper trains us to be precise, systematic, and detail oriented as we carry out our research and case study projects.

The skills that General Paper majors acquire can be applied to diverse corporate/job environments after graduation.

Even though some concepts are initially difficult to grasp, the reward in terms of obtaining good grades and a subsequent high-paying career can make all the effort worth it.


Geography has been called “the mother of all Sciences”.

It was one of the first fields of study and academic disciplines that developed as humans sought to find out what was on the other side of the mountain or across the sea. 

Exploration led to discovery of our planet and its amazing resources.


History is fascinating because it takes us back into the times of kings, princesses, horses, warriors, geniuses, wars, inventions and discoveries.

We live in the present. We want to plan for and worry about the future.

History, however, is the study of the past.

History is a great subject to study; you just have to take the broader view of what is valuable in your life.

For example, there is scientific evidence that evolution is what has enabled society to transform to its current state.

Can this past evidence be used to determine future evolutions?

This is something that History students have to enquire everyday as they interact with the past.

History is important for young students to learn because it helps them to connect the past with the present and understand the direction that society is taking for the future.

History also helps young learners to understand different cultures.

Even though some History concepts are initially difficult to grasp, the reward in terms of obtaining good grades and a subsequent high-paying career can make all the effort worth it.


Cultures are built on stories – histories, myths and legends, fables, and religions.

Literature takes students out of their own lives and lets them experience things that are new and challenging.

It encourages them to imagine possibilities and to think about ways the world could be different.

We expand our horizons through vicarious experiences.

We get to visit new places, gain new experiences, and meet new people.

Literature teaches us about the past as well as the present, and allows us to learn about a variety of cultures, including our own.

Through poems and literary books, we discover the common goals and similar emotions found in people from all times and places.

Few textbooks could be said to do the same thing.


About 1.5 billion people around the world speak English whether as their native language or as a foreign language, and this number is still growing.

Globally however, 5.5 billion people don’t speak any English at all.

The two biggest economies in Southeast Asia are Indonesia and Malaysia.

Should you wish to do trade and business in these countries, knowing how to speak the language is a huge advantage.

There are more than 230 million speakers of both Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia in our region, making it among the top 10 most spoken languages in the world.

Its native speakers extend up to Brunei, Southern Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the Sulu archipelago in the Philippines.


Math one of the oldest sciences known to Man.

Mathematics is often referred to as “The Queen of the Sciences”, and uses a great deal of logic and quantitative reasoning.

As a result, Mathematics has applications in numerous other subjects.

In fact, many other subjects rely so heavily on Mathematics that their most important questions are, fundamentally, Math problems.


Because each of the other natural sciences biology, chemistry, geology, material science, medicine, engineering, and others, work with systems which adhere to the laws of physics, physics is often referred to as the “Fundamental Science”.

Approximately 5000 years ago, the Chinese were the first to use magnetic energy. They relied upon the pull of magnetic iron objects to guide navigators and, thanks to the Earth’s magnetic field, point them in the direction of north.

About 2500 years ago, the Greek philosopher Thales was credited with discovering electrical energy. By rubbing fur against a piece of amber, Thales found that dust and other particles clung to the amber with what is known as an electrostatic force.

Physics is the study of the fundamental elements of the universe: energy and matter.

Physics investigates how the universe began, what it consists of, how it changes and according to what rules.

Physicists explore the skies to find distant worlds, and watch changes in the atmosphere to forecast the weather.

They search the ocean floor and beneath it to find minerals, and smash atoms to find energy resources and new methods to diagnose disease.


Science is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical, social, and natural worlds through observation and experimentation.

It is key to innovation, global competitiveness, and human advancement.

It is important that the world continues to advance the field of Science, whether it’s finding new cures for cancer and other diseases or identifying and exploring new galaxies.

The process of Science is a way of building knowledge about the universe – constructing new ideas that illuminate and improve the world around us.

Like anywhere around the world, the main branches of Science taught in Singapore secondary schools are Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Students are able to choose their own Science specializations when in upper secondary, and they learn General Science in primary school and lower secondary school.

Take a look at the wide range of careers that we have listed on this page, and you will agree that having a strong background in Science is very useful.

Even though some concepts are initially difficult to grasp, the reward in terms of obtaining good grades and a subsequent high-paying career can make all the effort worth it.


The theme of “Being Rooted and Living Global” runs through the entire Social Studies syllabus.

Social Studies is the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities – to promote civic competence.

In many countries – Singapore included – the Social Studies content that is taught in schools provides coordinated and systematic knowledge. Globally, Social Studies draws upon disciplines that include anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, history, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, and sociology, as well as appropriate content from the humanities, mathematics, and natural sciences.


The Tamil language has an estimated history of more than 3000 years.

Tamil had a well-defined grammatical treatise named “Tholkappiyam” even 2500 years ago.

The maturity and finesse of this oldest literary work indicates that Tamil literature has even longer history than estimated.

Tamil literature is also a part of curriculum of many international universities. Tamil is the first language of the state of Tamil Nadu and the union territory Pondicherry in India.

There is a significant amount of Tamil population in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. There are large communities of Tamil speakers in many other countries like Indonesia, United Kingdom, Canada, Mauritius, Australia, USA, London, and South Africa.

To connect with this massive market of over 80 million Tamil speakers worldwide, knowing and use of some Tamil will certainly brighten the prospects of boosting your career and social network.

Many scholars and linguists learn Tamil literature because of its richness and variety.

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