First Blog


This is the first blog that Otters Channel. We are going to talk about what our blog will mostly be about.

Popular Tutors has long thought of more ways to reach out to everyone. But after a very long time of consideration and discussing we have come to a conclusion that making blogs about lifestyle would prove the most beneficial to everyone.

So we have since started Otters Channel, which will be talking about Food, Travel, Movies, Shows and more!

We are very excited to embark on this new adventure with everyone! We hope you would like to read our blogs and know more about Singapore and the world!

We will even give some tips on how you can improve your daily life as a bonus!

Popular Tutors has assembled a team of Tutors, Staff, Students and Parents to be part of this new and exciting adventure! We hope you would join us on this long journey of improving the daily lives of everyone.

Otters Channel will try to post blogs as often as we can, but please note that it takes a lot of time for everyone to write the amazing blogs for everyone to read! So please be patient and look forward to our blogs!

Every so often, Otters Channel will be writing about where should we go to eat, to watch movies and to have fun in general. If you have any suggestions please let us know at “” as we are always looking forward to trying new things everyday!

We may be one of the very first few Tuition Agencies in Singapore that have lifestyle blogs and reviews of places, but we believe that building a relationship and a bond with our community will improve us and everyone around us!

In the meantime. Please enjoy some of the videos that we recommend you watch, as we think that these videos will show you many things about how our world has become the place we know today! Or you can view some of the quotes we have posted on Instagram!

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